What to pack: New mom guide

As a new mom, you’re researching and reading. Looking for the best reviews and wondering If it’s enough. Here are some items and things to consider as you pack your diaper bag for your new little blessing.

What to pack in your diaper bag

As you’re getting your diaper bag ready for your first outing in months with your brand new bundle of joy, you’re going to need a few things for your peace of mind. I was the mom on my first baby who packed the entire nursery because I wasn’t sure what I would and wouldn’t need. Whatever made me feel better, that’s what I took with me every single time.

These are only recommendations and I don’t plan on sharing exact products because I also recommend that you do your own research on products for your baby.

As a mom of two, I can tell you my second time around, I carried a lot less and was more comfortable. Also, keep in mind, If you pump, that’s an extra bag you might need if you do not plan to have a manual travel pump.

I won’t be mentioning food/snacks in this post because that’s going to depend on the age of your little one. These are strictly non-food items—bottles, pacifiers, travel cups, etc. Kind of a given in my own opinion, so please keep that in mind when reading over my perspective.

The right diaper bag

Back in 2011, we had big bulky diaper bags. I had two that rotated: a small quick errand bag and a full-day bag. Again, I didn’t know what I needed, so as a new mom, you might feel you need more just in case. There are products you’ll probably need depending on how you care for your baby.

Pockets were essential for the organization. I had a place to store formula, an extra bottle, pacifiers, blankets, the just in case outfit, and the back-up outfit (Ever been through a diaper explosion? I get you, mama!)

I carried so many things I never used, but the second time around, I learned to buy travel sizes of bottles and jars from the travel section of my local Target. Pockets are significant, so consider that when finding the right diaper bag.

As 2017 hit, the diaper bags transformed into back-packs. So much easier. Now, I was gifted a back-pack from my family that I still use for my two-year-old today. It’s excellent and long-lasting. Whatever you decide, try to find something that lasts and that you can clean easily.

  • Pockets
  • Easily accessible with one hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can hang on stroller with attachments

Baby Essentials

Diapers? Check! Wipes? Check! Diaper balm/cream? Check and double-check! Baby brands are kind to create travel and trial sizes. It made it convenient to not only try before committing to the full jar but easier to lug around.

I always have a small clear (washable) zipped bag within the diaper bag to make it more accessible. I can see everything and quickly grab it. For me, changing my first and second daughter in public can be nerve-wracking. Use those single-family bathrooms or spaces. You don’t feel pressured as you would in a traditional bathroom while a line waits for that one changing table.

Speaking of essentials, ALWAYS keep a changing pad with you. They usually always come with your diaper bags, but you can purchase full-single ones that hold a few diapers and wipes like a little clutch.

Those are important in case you have diaper explosions. They are easy to clean no matter the mess and can be used at the park if needed.


  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper balm or cream (If you plan to use them)
  • Small zipped bag
  • Changing Pad
  • Travel disposable bags

Baby Clothes

The bane of my existence. I always packed way too many. So, I made it a mission with my second baby to keep it to onesies. In the beginning, those are what I used under other clothes. I also carried a pair of pants or shorts, depending on the weather.

If you like to dress your baby up in the full outfits, by all means, do that. For myself and my husband, we found it easier to keep it to simple one-off outfits in case we needed to change our daughters.

I always kept socks and a sun hat in the bag as-well-as one long-sleeve shirt. Babies cannot regulate their heat, so it’s vital to have those just in case along with a UV-protection sun hat, so they don’t get sunburned if you’re going on a walk. And mitten’s so they don’t scratch their faces.


  • Onesies (I kept 3 max)
  • A pair of pants or shorts
  • A long sleeve shirt
  • Socks
  • UV Sun hat
  • Mittens


That is going to depend on if you’re baby gets cold fast or tends to puke a lot. (My firstborn). I always kept two burping blankets or cloths in the bag, and extra’s in the car. There was another blanket that remained with them, so In total, I had 3.

Baby things you don’t think of

You might or might not need these. These are things I realized I needed over the course of being out and added over-time.

  • Nail files
  • If you plan to breast-feed, extra breast pads (disposable or re-useable)
  • Lactation supplements (Cookies, drink mixes, or capsules) Sometimes, I used to forget to take them.
  • Breast Cream (If needed)
  • A snack for mama
  • Disposable garbage bags. For baby clothes or diapers or both.
  • A feminine pad. You’ll never know when your menstrual cycle will come back. Take a pad.

How do you pack your diaper bag? Are you a “Just in case” or a veteran where you know you can use one wipe to clean up a huge diaper explosion? Let us know in the comments. Don’t for get to share this post with your new mommy friends!

Xo, #StayAlphaMomma