Tips for your first run

Are you ready to start running? If you’re training for your first 5k or trying to improve your mood, here are some tips for your first run.

Get the right pair of running shoes for your feet

If you’re planning to run, you’re going to need the right kind of shoes. Places like Fit Niche and Fit-to-run have experts that can assist you in finding the pair you need. Some shoes can help with knee pain along with arch pain. Each shoe has a specific purpose of ensuring you have a safe run without pain later.

You’ll want to share how you plan to use the shoe. If you have a history with pain anywhere or you pronate, you’ll want to talk to the specialist who is also usually runners or athletes to assist you.

I went recently to get a new pair of running shoes, and I feel amazing! No pain afterward. When you start to feel any pain after a walk or run, you might want to consider new shoes.

Find the right pants or shorts

The last thing you want is to wear pants or shorts that move while running. Try loose or fitted training pants/shorts. I always purchase with lots of pockets for my phone and support for my low back.

Running App

If it’s your first run, you can consider downloading a running app. There are a lot of them, so download and try them. When you find one that you like, stick with it! There are apps where it guides you on your run and helps you improve along with location/GPS style apps to show you where you ran and how long/fast.

I really enjoy the Strava App along with the Nike training running app. Both are great when you’re starting out!

Know your trails/paths

being safe is important. Know your location/path and If you don’t, google it. Look at it and try to run it with daylight. If you plan to run on a trail, find someone you can run with. If don’t have anyone, run during times when those areas are active and you can get help If you need it.

Find or make a great playlist

A playlist is important for a run. Sometimes music can boost the mood and improve the run. Skipping the song can be easy or difficult. So, try to arrange your music in the sequence that you want it or try a platlist from Spotify.

If you have an apple watch, you’re able to download the Spotify app on the watch to easily skip or repeat that good for run song.

Heart rate monitor

If you have an apple watch, you have a heart rate monitor build into the watch. You can check your pace, splits and stride. You can mark your miles for training and log that into your daily exercise goals. I’m sure other watches like fit bit can do the same thing too! These are great to you understand how to improve or maintain your running pace.

It’s also great when you’re trying to check your target heart rate along with visually seeing how many calories you’re burning actively and collectively.

There you have it! Your quick guide on tips for your first run. How do you prepare for your run? If you’re a veteran runner, feel free to share some wisdom to help everyone improve their weekly runs!