Build an at-home Office

Have you ever wanted to build an at-home office but didn’t know where to start? Here’s your cheat sheet to creating a realistic at home-office that you can use to focus and get the work done.

Find a space or room

If you don’t have an extra bedroom available, you can always create an office corner. It’s typically the back-up plan for an office. It’s easy and can be useful. If you have children, it might not be ideal, but it can help so find a corner or use that spare guest bedroom.

Get a desk and chair for your stuff

An office needs a desk. A computer or laptop is usually involved so you’ll need a sturdy surface to place it on. It can also hold your folders, office materials such as pens, printer, and other office things you’ll need.

You’re also going to need a chair. If you don’t want to sit, try to invest in a convertible desk that you can lower and raise when needed. You can also use a dining room chair.

Design your space with inspiring things

If you want clarity and a sense of inspiration to tackle the day, decorate your space with things that make you feel good. Start with pictures, knick knacks and furniture that makes you feel ready to get it done.

Set your hours

If you’re working from home, you’ll usually have your hours, but If you’re self-employed you can understand that 9-5 isn’t a thing. Set the hours for balance of work and home life. As a mom, I find it necessary and I try to always set my hours.

There are days when I need to get things done, but I do try to stick to it. I use my planners and calendars to schedule my tasks and projects. I time block and it works really well.

Take breaks

Make sure you take the breaks. I’m a victim of skipping my breaks to get the work done. Over the last few years of working and building my content creation agency, I have had to learn to stop and either come back to it or pick it up the next day.

What are some of your tips and tricks to build your at-home office? Share ’em with us in the comments!