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As an entrepreneur, you are always learning and with learning comes sharing advice and tips for growth and success. These are some of the best books to help you become an expert in your niche.

Branding Books for Entrepreneurs

Primal Branding is a book about creating zealots for your brand, company and your future as their slogan says. This book was recommended by one of my favorite YouTube Insiders and growth strategists, Tim Schmoyer. He claimed this book changed his life when it came to branding his business so I had to get it!

Crushing It! Gary V is another really good book. This is the sequel to his first book that goes over tips, plans, and guides to build your business online. If you want to get to know his style, you can find him on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. He is one of the best sources for making your dreams reality.

Brand Thinking Debbie Millman is the chair and co-founder of the Master’s program in Branding at the School of Arts. She hosts podcasts and is super influential in this space! Check out this book!

Positioning is super important in this times of the online world. You’ll probably hear it a lot as you dive deeper into learning how to brand yourself. That’s why you should check out the book, Positioning.

Designing Brand Identity is another really good book. A lot of designers use this guide so I thought It would be a great one to share with you.

As my collection of tools change, evolve and improve; I’ll update this post as needed! These are the ones that I’ve been using to make my business better, stronger and more visible to other Influencers, brands, and audiences! Do you have a favorite book on branding or marketing? Share it with us on Instagram so we can pick it up!

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