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These days, value matters. If you’re into putting random videos and posts up; (like we all did back in in the day) and it works for you, great! Most of us aren’t that lucky. I remember the moment I really sat and thought about the videos I produced. Is it timeless? 5 years from now, would it be helpful? Can people grow with it?

Sadly, my first videos on my beauty channel were all about full glam makeup. It’s what I was into at that time. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have focused on creating full glam. I would have made more approachable makeup tutorials like I do now. Why? Cause right now, I can’t do full glam. I’m lucky If I can take a shower. My point is, try not to focus on trending topics unless it’s what you plan to do in the future.

Think long-term. Sure, you might get a ton of views, but brands aren’t looking for that anymore. They want ROI (Return on Investment) If you have an audience of 500 people who listen and actually buy or use the service you’re promoting, you’re golden.

Creating Valuable Content

Micro Influencers are what brands are after. I asked a huge brand in the Beauty Industry what they look for in terms of adding a blogger on their PR lists, and they gave me this:

  • Great Content
  • Great Story Telling
  • An Authoritative attitude
  • Content that organically incorporates the service or product in their niche
  • Easy to digest concepts in a short attention span

Now, this might not be for all brands, but It’s what this particular brand looks for. Do you think you fit those bullet points? What are some things you can re-brand or add to entice these brands to even think of you for opportunities? Think long-term. It’s gotten me this far and I can tell you confidently, It works!


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