The short answer is, sometimes! Rebranding can be a pretty risky move if you’ve already established your community and following. If you’re known for a specific look, style, logo or content, switching that up can destroy your hard work. I always teach my clients to build with the intention of growth. Right now, being the biggest Influencer is what everyone wants. Get a video to go viral, and you’ve got money coming out of the trees. However, If you’re a niche following, that can hinder you because you are known for that niche.

Sometimes, It’s better to build something completely separate from your main niche. For example, I want AlphaBawse to be multiple things. I want it to be a place for those who want to learn how to build and grow their followings, but I also want it to be a dream I had when I was 16. It has two different meanings for me, but one goal. What is that goal? To be an ALPHA BAWSE! That means that you’re killing it in every aspect of your life: work, business, entrepreneurship.

My target is mostly women who are like me — individuals who play multiple roles in life — the business aspect of my main brand which is Kalei Lagunero Inc. That’s where I share beauty. But then, I can pass it back to Alpha Bawse because I’m showing you how my brand looks visually. How did I get my brand visuals? I am using my Alphabawse Platform to help me understand what I needed to do on the back end.  I decided to create two different ventures, but they help each other. Like a magazine!


Should you? Yes! If you’ve found that you’ve grown apart from your original niche, rebranding regarding what content you produce, the message you’re trying to deliver and how you go about building your community needs a rebrand. I recommend using names that don’t require a domain change. AlphaBawse can be multiple things so I won’t have to worry about that if I ever decided to change my approach and my services.

Your message should be the first change before you change domain names and all that stuff because you want your domain to reflect it, then work on your titles.

A more natural way for me to explain why I have three separate brands would be this:

Kalei Lagunero Inc is the face of my operation. It’s me. I’m the owner, the creator and the CEO – I saw other influencers needing help, so I decided to build Alphabawse. AlphaBawse was created to help you do what I do for Kalei Lagunero Inc.

Next, I have Editorial Vibes  – This is my Photography and video Agency where I produce content for videography and photography. Kalei Lagunero and AlphaBawse need content creation. Here’s where Editorial Vibes comes in because I also had clients ask if I offer services for the production of content. I didn’t want to lump it together with Alpha Bawse because It’s already a platform to help people build their followings. I couldn’t pair it with Kalei Lagunero Inc because It’s more beauty based and stuff I love on a personal level. But Both of my first two brands need Editorial Vibes to create the content you see an watch. Does that make sense?

Instead of re-branding myself, I decided to start from the ground up, but I made sure each brand helps the other and If I ever decided to create a production company (hint hint) All three will work because they are used to achieve the same goal.


Is it okay to change your message? I would say improve on it. Don’t change it entirely, because this is how people found you In the first place. 

If you plan to rebrand, Think of the impact it would make or take. If you still help the same people, make sure your current clients know nothing is changing in terms of services or message, but sharing that you’ve grown a little since you’ve first met and you’d like to offer more and better. 


  • After you’ve decided, make sure you update all your social media handles – before you do, check to be sure they are available. There’s nothing worse than updating, and you don’t have all your social media handles. 
  • Get In touch with a graphic designer beforehand to get clarity with your LOGO design. 
  • Go over your messaging. If you need to edit, do that. 
  • Is your brand voice different? If so, try to introduce it to test out how it’d be accepted. Are you bold? Professional? Witty? Work out those details and start sharing content in those ways. 

Try these things before switching, and you’ll be on your way to brand refresh!

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