So many creators are wondering is YouTube dead? With complaints of broken subscription boxes, additions of services creators don’t care for and the lack of views and subscriber growth, It has people feeling down or not understanding.

In short, no. I think YouTube is in transition. What worked 3-6 years ago won’t cut it today. Media is a fast pace medium that you either need to adapt to or throw in the towel. (I don’t recommend that part at all)

I believe that is very important to find that thing that gets you excited and build on that. If you’re still into makeup tutorials, do them. Just find fresh new ways to deliver them. Get active with your audience and generate conversations. If you’re into cooking, try a series where you take requests from your audience and make that a weekly content offer. Do you help people learn how to sew? Give your tips and tricks to making the stitching neater. It’s up to you to take this “feeling” and flip it into a positive.


When I first started my beauty youtube channel a while ago, it was all about being bubbly. Extra happy, so it translated. Sharing my version of what beauty was. Now? No one cares about your favorites (well, mine anyway) No one cares about the newest launch. I find that the community is tired. Along with drama going on, I can understand it. I find myself not that engaged in the comments either.

Does that mean I stop? No. It says I find a new way to share my love. I’ve seen that I love cinematic style videos (B-roll, slow-mo, etc..) So, I decided to match my passion for editing and beauty. I’ve tried to experiment with new video formats. Learning how to get better at storytelling and documenting a lot more. I’ve learned to allow myself to relax and share a little bit more of who I am because ultimately, that’s why they watch and subscribe.

Don’t worry about your unsubscribers. Don’t worry about only getting 100 views. That’s 100 people who decided to spend a little of their time to watch, comment and like. It’s all about ROI rather than a flashy subscription number.

How are you feeling? Are you down? Not sure what to do anymore? Find that drive and make the best of change.

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