Running a business can be challenging and when you throw in Social Media Marketing, That can create unwanted stress. This service is for businesses and brands who don’t understand social media but want to establish an online presence. We not only manage your social media accounts, but we create the content for you through video, images and Campaign ADs. Read what this service entails below.

You should Read these first:  Privacy Policy  Terms  & Refund Policy



Are you A business or Brand needing virtual social media management? We manage clients social media platforms by working with you to understand your goals.


  • A full (contract) year of virtual social media management on your account
  • Set-up and optimization on your Social Media pages
  • Customized Content Development for your Social Media Platforms
  • Once a Month 45-minute Consulting Call
  • Content Calendar & Scheduling Document for consistent posting
  • Branding strategy recommendations
  • Posted content 5 days a week
  • Online visibility that can reach millions of customers who are seeking services you offer

What you need to know:

  •  A 12 Month Plan (12-month contract paid quarterly) + Virtual marketing fee – Ask for pricing information
  • We do not offer refunds on our services due to their virtual and digital nature.

The average cost for a Hiring, a Marketing Manager, is $73,000/ yr. We can do the same for a fraction of the cost.

Ready to get visible online? Fill-out our Questionaire and we’ll be in touch!

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