Brand Audit

How positive are you that your blog or youtube channel is optimized for traffic, views, and growth? If you’re apart of the many people who aren’t positive that your platforms are getting the right traffic and are in tip-top shape, let’s get you there!

Brand Audits Cover:

  • Platform optimization (Blog, Websites or YouTube Channels)
  • Brand Message is being shared correctly
  • Content aligns with your message and targeted tribe
  • Memorable Brand on and off platforms
  • Social Media Outlets are optimized to support your main platform
  • Minor analytic understanding to ensure your posts and pages are getting traffic


Q: How do website audits work? 

A: You share your platform of choice and I’ll optimize it by going through and sharing my expertise through a PDF Report for you to keep and work on during your own time. Brands look for specifics when wanting to work with you and people like to see a place that they can go to and trust. Audits help create a place for both brands and people to connect with you better. It’s proven!

Q: How does the report work?

A: The report is detailed with actionable steps you can take to improve the visibility of your platform. You can focus on the things that actually matter when someone lands on your platform and make sure it’s optimized to grow and get noticed. The great thing about audits is that it’s customized for your platform and niche. What works better for you, won’t for another channel. This is how you stand out and be different from other Influencers.

If you need a re-brand, this is also a great way to find a signature style or message to attract more clients, visitors, and followers. I have proved that with my own brand!

Important things to know: 

  • This is a one-time audit for one platform of your choice. (Please use the menu function in the survey)
  • A typical length of an audit can take up to 7 business days depending on your platform
  • We follow a specific audit process to ensure you receive the information needed to succeed

We do not accept refunds due to our digital nature of content and services. Please reach out with any questions before booking your training session

Before Purchasing ONE brand audit, please input your information and agree to the required terms below

You should Read these first:  Privacy Policy  Terms  & Refund Policy 

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