Full Influencer Experience

So you’re trying to learn how to brand yourself, pitch for opportunities or, make some money? This course is for the Influencer who wants a mentor to guide them. Perfect for beginners or established Influencers who want to take it a step further. For this training, it starts with a group of 6 Influencers per every 6 months.


  • Work with Kalei directly
  • Only 6 Individuals per group (every 6 months)
  • Secret Facebook group to directly contact Kalei (Paid Influencers Only)
  • The basics of an Influencer
  • Setting up a blog or youtube channel
  • How to get more subscribers and followers
  • Getting on PR Lists
  • How to get featured on social media
  • Ways to brand yourself to stand out
  • Easy content strategies to use for more views on videos
  • Ways you can get more traffic on your blog

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I’ve got what you need to be a top Influencer. I’ve helped Mom bloggers, Teen YouTubers, and many more clients who are now on all expenses paid trips to Disney, gaining subscribers daily and building their brands to be memorable. This service is created to help you understand how you can get paid, work with brands, build a brand of your own or get guidance from an Award-winning blogger and video creator who works with huge beauty and lifestyle brands daily.

Important things to know:

  • This is a 12-week training online
  • First come, first served (Spots are limited, apply now!)
  • You’ll receive a course outline. Courses are released at the beginning of the week
  • Alpha Bawses will be able to get in touch with me through a private facebook group for paid clients only
  • We do not guarantee results. Success is different for everyone. If you do the work and hustle, you’ll get the opportunities
  • We take on groups of 6 clients for the course every 6 Months

Before Purchasing, please input your information and agree to the required terms.

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