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It’s always fun to predict social media trends and were about to share 5 of them. Let’s jump in.

  1. Facebook: While many predict for a lot of users to drop the platform altogether, we predict for it to be another year that Facebook fights through everything that happened this year. The social media giant has a few things we’re excited about here at AlphaBawse. Don’t count them out yet! The word on the street is that they’ve targeted another platform and they’re about to take it by storm. One of our strategies in 2019 is to use the platform more for our brand and business. You should know too!
  2. LinkedIn: This platform is more of a professional space to nail corporate jobs. We predict that many creatives will start using the platform as a social media site that not only connects with brands and other Influencers directly, but we have a feeling it’s going to be way more popular in the coming year. If you aren’t on it already, set that page up now!
  3. The Year of the Micro-Influencer: Transition is coming! We believe that brands will start to move toward Micro-Influencers. Maybe even Macro. The ROI on investments is super important to brands, and If the top brands find that they’ll sell more products using smaller communities, they’ll do it! If you’re a Micro or Macro Influencer, make sure you’re working on value and quality content. Less doesn’t mean more and be more thoughtful and intentional.  I know, it’s exciting to have a brand notice you finally but consider the overall picture of your career. Your audience is more than just a check. Do them a favor and always disclose and be open without sharing specifics.
  4. This Influencer thing is an actual job? If you’ve ever had someone tell you that speaking to a camera or writing posts and posting to Instagram isn’t a job,  they are about to get an awakening. More people are starting to accept and learn that being an Influencer is an actual job. It not only means more people will try it but eventually, colleges will begin teaching this as a career. Maybe not now, but eventually. Learn your craft. Know it well and always put out content that makes you proud. Don’t let money sway you and don’t allow numbers overtake you.
  5. Advocating: These Influencers on the rise. If you know someone who speaks up on actual issues happening but not only speaks on it but takes action, these Influencers are going to become more prominent. If you’re here on AlphaBawse, you’ll know that our CEO thinks that everyone has that Alpha power inside of them. Stand in what you believe in that belief. It doesn’t always mean you have to post on social media. You can do it by taking action in the forms of writing to your local congressman or woman. Purchasing essentials for the homeless or donating your time helping an organization build something.  You’re not only doing something about what you believe in, but you’re showing people.

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