monetize your youtube channel

There are a lot of ways to monetize your youtube channel and in this post, I’m going to share a few that you should consider if you want to make money on YouTube!

I’ve been on YouTube for a while, Monetizing my YouTube Channel was always something I wanted to do because investing in gear isn’t cheap. Most of the money I make from YouTube is always re-invested in my business so I can improve and bring you services like

Anyway, I’m going to share a few ways you can Monetize your YouTube Channel regardless of your following or size. It does take time to get the funds you’re probably thinking of, but these are some ways I started and thought it would be helpful to you!


  • Adsense – This isn’t the get rich method, but it can help you generate passive income. I don’t make all my money from this only, but it’s a good way if you’re just starting out.

How do I Get Adsense?

Go on google and type in adsense and it should pop-up with a form that you need to fill-out. Once reviewed, you’ll get an email stating that you’re approved or not. They’ll also give you a reason why you aren’t so make sure you sign up because your YouTube videos generate a slight income from this method.

  • Affiliate Links – This is a very popular method for making money online. You’d typically sign up for a platform that offers a variety of affiliate programs, select the ones that are relevant to you, copy and paste. Some offer per-click links and others offer buying links. Read up on the sites you signed up for to make sure you select the option that works for you.

How do I find Affiliate Platforms? 

Use google to search for affiliate link platforms. Some popular platforms that style bloggers use are Shopstyle & Rewardstyle, Shopstyle is per click (non-fraudulent clicks) and rewardstyle uses buying links. Meaning: If someone buys something you’ve recommended through your link, you get a slight commision off of it. Per-click means every time someone clicks on the link you’ve shared, you get a small commision off of that. Both platforms require a sign up and approval. This will mean you need a following to meet their standards. Read their websites for their full terms.

  • Brand Sponsorships – These are very popular because you not only get to work with brands you love, but you also get sponsored.

What’s the difference between Monetary and Gifting Sponsorships?

There are two common sponsorships: Monetary and Product Gifting. Monetary sponsorships give you the opportunity to get paid by endorsing or promoting a product from a brand you love. Sometimes you get products sent to you as apart of the deal and sometimes you don’t.

Product gifting sponsorships are usually when an Influencer receives a product, writes a blog post or creates a video and the product is payment. I use those opportunities to build relationships with brands – especially if I’m a fan and have used them for a while. Some frown on this method because free products don’t pay bills, which is true! But that’s why my job is amazing! I get to accept or decline those offers.

  • Selling your own merchandise – If you make products, you can sell it!

What can I Sell?

If you have a service, you can make money that way. If you have physical products, you can sell that too! Create an online store (using appropriate procedures in terms of web hosting and using payment gateways to protect your customers from harm)

This is an awesome way to create great income because it’s your product. You get to control your daily sales quota and people can get items that you have created. If you’re interested in that, use google to search for ways to create your own online store. There are so many helpful articles that’ll push you in the right direction!

I hope you found a few methods to consider if you want to start making money on YouTube! Did you find a fit from the list above? Let me know which one you’re considering in the comments!

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