If you’re on social media, you might notice your engagement being low. It’s happening across many platforms to people of many follower sizes. Some claim is the new algorithms, and some are saying their audiences aren’t active as much as they used to be. Before you decide to abandon all that hard work, trying asking yourself three questions to ensure you’re reaching all the people who followed you!


  1. Are you still sharing the same niche?
  2. Do you make an effort to connect with them through replying to comments and liking their posts?
  3. Are you trying to post consistently?

Listen, I understand that you have a life and sometimes you can’t be super consistent. I’ve been there, and sometimes I struggle because I work and have my kids. Sometimes life happens, and that’s okay! I have been trying to be active, and I have noticed a lot more engagement by:

  • Replying to comments when I post. I  try to answer every single comment because I remember asking a question and It never got explained. In the end, I did find out the answer after searching online for a few hours. But, It would have saved me a little time to reply.
  • Ensuring I’m still aligning with my brand. I’m not a younger beauty Influencer, so the teen demographic isn’t the majority of my following. I have younger women who are trying to do what I do and have similar interests. That means my content has to reflect that. If I outgrow a specific layout or format, I change it. But make sure I connect with my audience and followers to be sure they know what I’m trying to do and get their feedback on it too!
  • Posting more consistently is probably my biggest problem. I’m over here running three businesses while juggling life as a Mom and wife. As I said before, I am more consistent, and I make sure I create in batches, so it saves me time without scrambling for content.


Try using Instagram stories! I’ve been posting every day there. I like to share more behind the scenes of my life and share when I’ve published in other places, and I’m currently trying to find a way to make sure everyone gets alerted without making a huge circle.

What are some ways you try to up the engagement factor? Share below in the comments, and we’ll share our favorites on our IG Stories! Follow us AlphaBawse Instagram

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