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Oh Instagram, always giving us updates that we either hate or love… Lucky for Instagram, A lot of Influencers are loving the new IGTV! If you haven’t heard the news, Instagram released a new app called IGTV.

This feature connects to your main Instagram account but allows you to upload videos up to 60 minutes (for verified Instagrammers) For those of us who are micro, you still get to upload but you only have 10 minutes. Personally, I don’t see myself uploading a video on a social media app for a full hour so It’s actually perfect!


All the videos uploaded are vertical. This means you must upload a video that fills the screen to have a better chance of duration. Instagram also gave us a description box that’s clickable so you can link other links, affiliate links, hashtags and other videos + posts too! (don’t forget to properly disclose so you stay in compliance with FTC regulations. It’s required by law so you don’t get fined or much worse.

If you have a business account, you have the ability to see analytics for the videos you publish which is also cool!


You can upload from the app or on a desktop computer. I tried the computer because I had a video I never put up on youtube just sitting there. For the full Instructions, visit here I did notice a few issues so that I’m going to share with you so you don’t get frustrated.

  1. If you decide to upload from a computer, you must upload the proper size and file. the resolution is something like 4:5 so you gotta make sure when editing your video, you size the full window. I even tried to upload a different size and it was rejected.
  2. The thumbnail/Cover image has to be in jpeg. Otherwise, you guessed it! Rejection.
  3. I had trouble with the description because I’d go to edit and it would save the same video without the thumbnail. Before you publish, make sure to have everything you want in the description.
  4. I saved to draft to review before publishing. Hence, why I found these issues. Could be a bug, could be me.
  5. Brand yourself from the beginning. In a way, this is like a new start for video. I have taken everything I’ve learned from video editing to production and applied it to the first video.

My videos have an editorial vibe so when you see my content, you’ll know it’s me… or not! You let me know If this stands true for you! You can go complete unedited, partially or do what I like to do, be uncomplicated and imperfect with a pretty aesthetic.


Youtube is still where the majority of my audience is. I do find that since most creators will jump on this train, a lot will upload less on the YouTube platform unless they do something drastic like, allow all my subscribers to see my videos in their feeds. (cough)

I’m still going to be on YouTube and I’m treating IGTV like a behind the scenes for the not-so-perfectly edited stuff. It’s a way for me to get to know the people who watch more directly and I love that! I plan to split my own content so I can make sure I focus on YouTube and Instagram as my main platforms.


  • Go to your app store (I believe this is for Android and Apple) and search for IGTV
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, create your channel (You must do this to upload)
  • Either download the video to your phone and upload or go to the Instagram Website and upload from a desktop computer. You still need a channel so make sure you do this first.
  • Make sure your size of the video is correct, the image is JPEG and have your description ready to paste. I use the dimensions of: 1080 x 1920.
  • Export to MP4. Listen, they will not upload the video unless it’s in MP4 format. I’ll show you how to export in a second.
  • Upload everything and I recommend saving a draft before going public

How to save in MP4

I’ll use Final Cut Pro X for this example because most people use this editing software. I use adobe premiere and FCX. Once you’ve decided what footage you want to use, go to export > master file. In the settings, select the drop-down that says Video and Audio. Change it to Computer and select next. Choose Better quality instead of faster encode (This might take a little longer than usual)

You should see the new settings at the bottom and you’re free to export.

To upload through your computer, follow the directions directly from Instagram here

Review in the app on your phone to make sure everything is there then, press save. You should see your video on the app.

You’re also able to link the app through IG stories at the tip with the two links.

How to do you feel about the new launch? I personally love it! It’s great as a secondary supplement to the giant, YouTube! Please reachout to us on our Instagram page, @alphabawse If you have any questions and we’ll update the post If new features or questions are asked so we can help you out!

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